Camping Asterias & Bungalows | Services
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Resturant – Bar

To Reastaurant of Camping Asterias offers fine cuisine with traditional flavors, all prepared with fresh local farm products, Ionian Sea fish and meats accompanied by fine wine. Our Bar offers, your coffee or ice cream with the sounds of selected music.


Enjoy your stay at Camping Asterias, beside one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ionian Sea with incredible purity quality sand and clear blue waters, away from any disturbance.

Camping Facilitites

The entrance to Camping Asterias is a small road that leads exclusively to Camping. The Camping Asterias has all the necessary facilities provided by the legislation for both tents and caravans sites. Additional features include the unique shade of centenarian olive trees and greenery. The beach access is immediate and decorated with unique beauty cedar.